Playback at customized speed

Recorder Plus support playing back at various speed(0.5x, 1.5x, 2x). By tapping on the speed button, you can change the playback speed. (Figure 1-1) Figure 1-1 Also you can playback with customized speed: Long press on the speed button, then release, you will get the speed menu, select “Customize” to […]

Use spotlight to search for recordings or markers

If you have renamed a recording, or if you have named a marker, you can search to get the recording or marker by spotlight. For example, if you have named a recording as “I have a dream”. Then you can search in spotlight with “dream” or “I have a dream” […]

Audio Effect process

In Recorder Plus you can make some simple but powerful audio effect process. These audio effects are: Fade in/out, Tempo, Pitch, Silence, Gain (including normalize), Noise reduction, background music. To make the audio effect process, first select the audio part you want to process Then tap “effect” in the shown […]

Gravação de voz de backup automático

Toda a sua gravação de voz é muito importante! Mas, nos casos abaixo seguintes, é possível perder a sua gravação de voz: A gravação de voz é eliminada acidentalmente A aplicação é eliminada acidentalmente Em caso de incumprimento de backup, iPhone/iPad é voltado para outros estados de backup Há eventuais […]

Sauvegarder automatiquement les enregistrements

Tous vos enregistrements sont très importants! Néanmoins, il est possible de perdre vos enregistrements dans les cas suivants: L’Enregistrement est supprimé sans le vouloir. L’Application est supprimé sans le vouloir. iPhone/iPad est restauré aux autres état de sauvegarde sans aucun copie. iPhone/iPad est perdu ou endommagé. Peut-être vous pensez que […]



Recently many apps in App Store were infected by XCodeGhost which may lead users to security and privacy risk.

But “Recorder Plus” is NOT infected by this malware.

Our team always use Apple’s official developer tools and always very care about users’ internet security and privacy.

Export to other apps

Recorder Plus can export recordings to other apps on your iPhone/iPad very easily. Just tap “Export”->”Open In…”,  then select other app in the shown menu. (Figure 1) If Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote have been installed on iPhone/iPad, then these apps’ icon will be in the shown menu. Also you […]