The app keep re-downloading recordings from iCloud every time I use the app.

Basically this issue happens when your iPhone/iPad is short of local storage.

If recordings are stored in iCloud (set iCloud as preferred storage), then the app need to download recordings from iCloud to local storage before using it (edit, playback, etc).

When iPhone/iPad is short of local storage, the iOS iCloud service will free downloaded recording files automatically to get more space when users are not using the app. So next time you use the app, it needs to re-download recording files.

We can not control the iOS iCloud service, and we reported this issue to Apple’s iOS team, but it seems that they have no plan to change this strategy. So it is necessary to get more local storage by free useless data and apps on your iPhone/iPad.

When there is enough local storage, the iOS iCloud service will not free downloaded files any more. Then the app will not have to re-download recordings every time you use the app.

Reference this Apple’s official article to check local storage on your iPhone/iPad:

How to check the storage on your iPhone and iPad – Apple Support


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