Config iCloud and cellular(4G/5G) network properly

As we always keep this point in our mind:

All recordings are extremely important!

Recorder Plus has two key features to make sure the safety of recordings:

  1.  Set iCloud as preferred storage.
  2.  Backup recordings automatically.

And the following settings need to be set properly so that these two features works well as they supposed to be.

These settings are set properly in default. So in most cases users need not to care about the setting issues.

But if these settings are not set properly in any reason.  The app will show this guide to help users setup manually.

1. Make sure iCloud service works well on your device.

Sometimes iCloud service may be dead for some reason. Then Recorder Plus would not download/upload files from iCloud. Open the “Files” app on your device, if the “iCloud drive” in the “Files” app is empty and keep refreshing, then the iCloud service is dead.   You can fix this issue by rebooting your device.  If the “Files” app show any hint that you need to login your iCloud account to access iCloud drive, then login your iCloud account.

Anyway, you can make sure iCloud service works well by checking “iCloud drive” in the “Files” app.


2. Enable iCloud for Recorder Plus

In “Settings” app, tap “Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases”, then tap “iCloud”, then enable for Recorder Plus.

Reference Apple’s official article to enable iCloud for Recorder Plus:


3. Enable iCloud for “iCloud drive”

In “Settings” app, tap “Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases”, then tap “iCloud”, then enable for “iCloud drive”.


4. Enable cellular(4G/5G) network for Recorder Plus

In “Settings” app , tap “Cellular network”, then “Show all”, then enable for Recorder Plus.


5. Enable cellular(4G/5G) network for “iCloud drive”

In “Settings” app , tap “Cellular network”, then enable for “iCloud drive”.


6.Enable “Background App Refresh” for the app

In “Settings” app, Tap “General” -> “Background App Refresh” , enable it for Recorder Plus

If this setting is disabled, then the sync between devices may be delayed.


7.Sometimes iCloud sync may fail because of Proxy/VPN settings in WiFi/4G/5G network.

For example:

A recording is made on your iPhone, and we are sure the recording was uploaded to iCloud because the  progress info in iPhone’s setting page is “Recordings on iCloud: Uploaded”.

But the recording can not get downloaded on your iPad, the progress info in iPad’s setting page is “Up: 0 Down: 1”, and the downloading always fail so the down count can not decrease to 0.

When “uploaded” is shown on your iPhone, which actually means the file was transferred to iCloud cache on the iPhone and iOS will upload it from cache to server later. Sometimes because of the Proxy/VPN issue, the from-cache-to-server uploading failed. So there is no file on iCloud Server, thus the downloading on your iPad will keep failing.

What you need to do is:

Turning off Proxy/VPN setting both on your iPhone and iPad. Using your iPhone for a while, waiting iOS to upload files from cache to server. Because there is no indicator to show the progress of uploading,so you need to be patient, using the iPhone for a while, and check later on your iPad.


8. If the app keep re-downloading recordings even if those files have been downloaded, that’s because your iPhone/iPad is short of local storage now.

Reference this article for detail information:

The app keep re-downloading recordings from iCloud every time I use the app. – Recorder Plus



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