In-App Purchase

In the app, the edit (cut,copy,paste) feature and audio effects are paid features. When the app is installed, users can try these features for free in a trial period. Tap “…” button in the recording list page, then “In-app purchase” to show detail information about the in-app purcahse in the […]

Quick tutorial

1. Demo video for how to use Recorder Plus: Demo video for Recorder Plus – Recorder Plus   2.There is also an animation tutorial in the app. The animation tutorial will be shown automatically when you use the app for the first time. If you want to watch it again, […]

Batch import audio files

To import multi files, you need to create a folder named with “import” on your PC, then copy audio files into this folder, then drag this folder to this app’s (Recorder Plus) file sharing folder. If you are using PC, reference this article: If you are using macOS, reference […]

WebDAV server support

Starting from version 3.8.0,  Recorder Plus supports accessing WebDAV server within the app. To access a WebDAV server in Recorder Plus, tap “config” button of the “Cloud Server” section in the setting page,  then tap “New” to create a new WebDAV server account. After all information of the WebDAV server […]

Security: need password to use the app

Users can set a password for Recorder Plus. This password is different from the password which can unlock your iPhone/iPad. After this password activated, please email it to yourself as a backup. Every time after the screen is locked or the app is moved to background,  the password is needed […]

Add background music to the current recording

By using the “BGM” button, users can add background music to the current recording. 1.Upload background music file to iCloud If you want to use one of your recordings as the background music, you should export that recording to iCloud by tapping “export” -> “iCloud” 2. Add background music to […]


在易录的默认设置中,是把所有文件存储在设备(iPhone/iPad)的本地存储器中。 从最新的V3版本开始,可以把iCloud作为首选存储,相比本地存储,这样做可以有如下的好处: 1.所有数据会自动上传到iCloud,这对提升录音文件的安全性有极大的好处。 如果录音文件保存在本地存储中,在下列情况下录音文件会丢失 应用被删除/卸载 iPhone/iPad 损坏/遗失 iPhone/iPad 在没有备份的情况下被重置 录音在被上传到iCloud后,即便在上述情况下也不会丢失。 2. 使用同一个Apple ID账号登录,可以在不同的iPhone/iPad上访问录音。 在你的其他使用相同Apple ID的iPhone/iPad上安装易录,然后打开此选项,易录会把所有录音同步到新的iPhone/iPad上。 如图1-1设置iCloud作为首选存储 图 1 在图1-2中会显示上传状态,在所有录音已上传时,会显示“已上传” 如果在录音没有上传完成,即上传状态还不是“已上传”时删除或卸载易录,会导致未上传的录音丢失。 如上传状态为“上传: 10  下载: 15”, 表示本地的10项修改操作正在上传到iCloud的上传队列中,同时iCloud上的15项修改操作正在下载到本地的下载队列中。 如上传状态为”iCloud中的录音文件:已上传”,表示所有同步操作已完成,本地的所有修改已经上传到iCloud。   关于此功能的其他重要说明: 当首选存储为本地存储时,iCloud上的所有录音都不会在应用中显示出来 当首选存储切换为iCloud时,所有本地存储中的录音都会上传到iCloud 当网络不可用时(WiFi或4G/5G), 编辑操作(剪切/复制/粘贴)不可用, 除此之外的录音,回放,音效处理,导出均可用。 设备之间的同步会有数秒的延迟,如果在多个设备上编辑同一个录音,应用会随机选择一个编辑的版本作为最终版本。 当一条录音被上传到iCloud后,不能把此条录音重新设置为存储在本地。 此功能的正常使用依赖于以下权限被开启,默认情况下这些权限都是正常开启的, 用户不需要额外设置。如因为各种原因权限被关闭, 应用内检测到后会出现相应提示。 允许易录使用iCloud。在“设置”应用中, 点击第一行的“Apple ID, iCloud, 媒体与购买项目”,然后点击“iCloud”,在其中允许易录使用iCloud 允许“iCloud 云盘” 使用iCloud。在“设置”应用中, 点击第一行的“Apple ID, iCloud, 媒体与购买项目”,然后点击“iCloud”,在其中允许“iCloud […]


易录在设计时始终把用户的录音文件安全放在最重要的位置。 下面的两个关键产品特性即是为了确保用户的录音文件安全: 把iCloud作为首选存储 自动备份录音 因为国内无法设置Google Drive作为自动备份录音的云存储, 所以在没有把iCloud设置为首选存储时,“iCloud 云盘”会作为默认备份原始录音文件的云存储, 所有录音文件都会在“iCloud云盘/Recorder Plus Files”中自动保存一个备份。 为了上面的两个功能正常的工作,以下的设置应被正确的配置。 在默认情况下,这些设置都是正确配置的,所以用户并不需要关注。 但如果因为任何原因这些设置不正确,应用内就会显示此帮助文档来帮助用户正确的配置。   1. 允许易录使用iCloud 在“设置”应用中, 点击第一行的“Apple ID, iCloud, 媒体与购买项目”,然后点击“iCloud”,在其中允许易录使用iCloud 或参考以下苹果的官方文档来允许易录使用iCloud   2. 允许“iCloud 云盘” 使用iCloud 在“设置”应用中, 点击第一行的“Apple ID, iCloud, 媒体与购买项目”,然后点击“iCloud”,在其中允许“iCloud 云盘”使用iCloud   3. 允许易录使用蜂窝网络(4G/5G) 在“设置”应用中,点击“蜂窝网络”,然后允许易录使用蜂窝网络   4. 允许”iCloud 云盘“使用蜂窝网络(4G/5G) 在“设置”应用中,点击“蜂窝网络”,然后允许”iCloud 云盘”使用蜂窝网络    

Config iCloud and cellular(4G/5G) network properly

As we always keep this point in our mind: All recordings are extremely important! Recorder Plus has two key features to make sure the safety of recordings:  Set iCloud as preferred storage.  Backup recordings automatically. And the following settings need to be set properly so that these two features works […]

Markers on the waveform

There are three kinds of markers on the waveform. Figure 1 1. Edit marker The red edit marker will be shown to indicate that edit operation had been done on that place. The edit operation can be done by users manually(cut or paste) The edit operation can also be done by […]

How to make silence-free recording?

Sometimes we need to make silence-free recording. For example, if we want to know what we said when we are in dreams, silence-free recording will make this job easy and effective. To make silence-free recording, start recording by tapping the red button, then tap “Config” and turn on “Auto Pause”. When […]

Playback volume is too low

If you can barely hear anything when playback, please check with these instructions: 1.Use the volume button which is on the side of your iPhone/iPad to increase volume. (Figure 1) Figure 1 2. In the “Settings” app on your iPhone/iPad, scroll to “Music” (Figure 2), tap it. Figure 2 3. […]

Recording category management

Recordings can be managed with category. To set category of a recording, there are two ways: Tap the “category” button on the recording edit page. (Figure 1.1) Tap the “category” button on the recording list page. (Figure 2.1) Figure 1 Figure 2 To filter recordings with category, tap the category label. […]

Playback with bluetooth speaker

First you need to pair the bluetooth speaker with iPhone/iPad. Please follow the instructions from Apple to pair: Then in Recorder Plus, you can select output device with the “AirPlay” button.

Delete useless recordings

Just tap the “Edit” button on the recording management page. (Figure 1) Figure 1 Then tap the “-” to select a recording (Figure 2.1) , then “Delete” (Figure 2.2) Figure 2 Tap the “Done” button to finish deleting files. (Figure 2.3) Warning: The “Delete” operation can not undo.  The file […]

Only playback the selected part of recording

Select the part you want to playback, then tap the “Play” button, then the app will only playback the selected part. When playback, tap the “Loop” button, then the app will play in loop mode. Stop playback, then tap on the waveform to clear the selected area, now you can […]

Import audio from PC with WiFi

If you want import audio files from PC/Mac to Recorder Plus with WiFi, we recommend this way: 1. Install a free app named “USB Sharp”. “USB Sharp” in App Store 2.Make sure pc and iPhone/iPad are in the same WiFi network. Then in USB Sharp, select “Share” (Figure 1.1), input […]

Can not adjust input gain on iPhone 6S

It seems Apple have removed this feature since iPhone 6S. But input gain is adjustable on old iPhone model (iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6) We have got confirmation from Apple’s Developer Team. Please reference this article: Quote from the article: “No input gain control on 6s. Using isInputGainSettable will let you know if the […]