WebDAV server support

Starting from version 3.8.0,  Recorder Plus supports accessing WebDAV server within the app.

To access a WebDAV server in Recorder Plus, tap “config” button of the “Cloud Server” section in the setting page,  then tap “New” to create a new WebDAV server account.

After all information of the WebDAV server was set, tap “Connection Test” button to test the connection to the WebDAV server.

WebDAV account:

1.Name: name the server as you wish

2.Host: host name of ip address of the server. e.g “myserver.com”.  If there is request for port number or path, the format should be “hostname:port/path”. e.g “myserver.com:8080/backup”.  The path should exist on the server already. If the path does not exist on the server, then the connection will fail. If the WebDAV server is set as a backup server, then “Recorder Plus Files” folder will be created on the path to store the backup recordings.

3.User: user name for the server

4.Password: password for the user

5.Https: If connection to the server should be https, check this option.

All above information is encrypted and  stored only in your device‘s local storage for your WebDAV account’s safety.


With WebDAV server support, users can:

1. Set WebDAV server as backup server, recordings can be backed up to WebDAV server automatically.

Tap “config” button of the “Auto backup to Cloud” section in the setting page,  then select a WebDAV server as backup server.

2. Import audio files from WebDAV server.

Tap “Import” button in the recording list page, then select a WebDAV server, then select an audio file in the server to import.

3. Export recording to WebDAV server.

Tap “Export” button, then select a WebDAV server, and tap the “save” button to save the recording to the selected server.


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