How to get help quickly and effectively?

Hi Thanks for using our product. You can write to us in the app by tapping the “gear” button, then “Contact Us”. It would be great help to add screenshots and detail description about the problem. More help for us to find out what is going on on your iPhone/iPad, […]

Export with iTunes

Tap “Export”->”iTunes sync” to export recording with iTunes.(Figure 1) Figure 1   Connect iPhone/iPad to PC/Mac with USB wire, then reference Apple’s article to copy files of Recorder Plus from iPhone/iPad to PC/Mac: Use iTunes to share files between your computer and your iOS or iPadOS device  

Can’t email recording

First we should make sure the default iOS email app can work fine. Make double check with Apple’s official instruction: Add an email account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Send out and receive emails with the default iOS email app to check we have done the right thing. […]

Export with email

It is very convenient to send recording to people in your contact by email. Tap “Export”->”email” button to send out recording by email.(Figure 1) Figure 1

Export with WiFi network

When iPhone/iPad and your PC/Mac are in the same WiFi network, recordings can be exported to PC/Mac without any wire connected. Tap “Export”->”WiFi” button. Then input the URL the App shown(something like: http://192.168.*.*:8080) in the computer browser(IE, chrome , safari, firefox etc) to download single recording. (Figure 1) Do not […]

Export all recordings

To export all recordings,  two options are available: In Recorder Plus, tap  “…” (Figure 1.1), then select “Export All”. (Figure 1.2) 1. iTunes Sync Now all recordings will mix down. Figure 1 When the mix down process end, connect iPhone/iPad to PC/Mac with USB wire, then reference Apple’s article to copy […]

How to edit recording accurately

When you need to edit an hours-long recording accurately,  Zoom in/out and scroll the waveform is a necessay feature. It’s very simple: Pinch to zoom in/out Swipe to scroll Figure 1 And Recorder Plus support “snap” feature when you set cursor or adjust selected area. For example: when you want […]

Basic edit operation

Recorder Plus support edit operation. You can “copy”, “paste”, “cut”, “mark”, “un-mark”, “rec:ins”, “rec:ovr” on existing recordings. And all these edit operations are non-destructive. Which means editing operation will never modify the original recording files. And you can always “undo” or “redo”. To edit on existing recording: Tap on the […]

Make a simple video

Users can make a simple video with Recorder Plus. The following is an example in a meeting scenarios: Make an audio recording with Recorder Plus. Take a photo as front cover,also you can add a title by tap the edit box which is  shown as “Tap to edit name”  (Figure […]

Continue recording on an exist recording

If you want to continue recording on an exist recording,  tap on the waveform, then select “rec:ins”  in the context menu. rec:ins The continue recording will insert into  the current recording at the cursor position.   If you want to replace part of an exist recording with a new recording,  […]

How to rescue recording files when app can not be opened?

We always think that recordings are extremely important to users. So we tested Recorder Plus very carefully before it’s online. But there is still some very rare situation which make the app can not be opened. These situation would be: Incompatible iOS update: Updated to latest iOS and not updated […]

Backup recordings automatically

All recordings are extremely important! But they may get lost in these situation: Recordings are deleted in mis-operation or the app is deleted in mis-operation. iPhone/iPad is restored without backup. iPhone/iPad is broken or lost. Maybe you think the odds are rare, but we do receive emails for help in […]

Start new recording

Just press the red button to start a new recording. Other than that, there are some other convenience ways to start a new recording: 1.Quick action on the app icon If your iPhone (6s, 7, 8) support 3D touch, deep press on the app icon, then quick actions will be […]